Feb 20, 2010 0

Who butchered my designs?

Bad design ideas can afflict us all, but it stings most when someone else butchers your work.

Recently, I was asked by a client to send a poster design and some photos to a third party to use in making a special flier. I was told that this individual came from a highly technical background and that he would not need help with the flier. My gut had told me to refuse this request and demand that I create the flier mysef. However, I ignored my instincts and this is what happened:

The butchering

There really is no excuse for this kind of work. Here’s a list of the biggest issues:

  1. The images are partially knocked out and completely tattered due to poor Photoshop skills
  2. The images are haphazardly strewn around the flier
  3. Though I provided quality photos, the third party used images from someone’s cell phone instead
  4. The name of the production, “Sundiata,” is misspelled
  5. The flier was e-mailed to tons of people without my client’s approval

Here’s some free advice for anyone needing design work: Protect your brand! You can only afford a certain amount of design mishaps until public opinion of you and your services suffers.

A lesson for me

This incident turned out to be the last time I would trust a third party with my design assets without seeing proof that the party can deliver an appropriate product. Doing so protects my reputation and my client’s as well.