Apr 19, 2010 0

A perfect example of bad design

Yes, bad design is all around us. Sometimes it’s just around the corner. Case in point: Someone, or some group, in my neighborhood decided to change our street’s sign. However, this someone or group notified neither me, my wife nor a majority of the residents on the street before putting up the sign. Can anyone say “Shady?”

Read our new street sign:

First of all, the sign is misspelled. It’s not Briar Wood Lane; it is Briarwood Lane. Briarwood is one word, not two. Next, the typeface chosen makes “Wood” look like “Weed.” To top this off, the plant graphic within the sign resembles marijuana! I guess from now on I’ll have to direct new visitors to our house by telling them to look for the sign decorated with pot leaves that reads “Briar Weed Lane.”

Talk about embarrassing. My neighborhood is showing its obvious issues.

But hey, the city is just as bad. Can you detect the error in the sign that the city installed, also at the top of my street? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not the one that correctly spells “Briarwood Lane.”

The correct spelling is “YIELD.” …Unbelievable!